Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok, things have been a little slow in the 'news' department lately. Here's what's going on in my part of northern Brooklyn:

1. Today I emailed off a manuscript that has been a Work in Progress for eight years. It's a book that means a lot to me. A lot a lot. Very much lot. :)

2. My midgrade fantasy series has yet to find a home. :(

3. I am going to magically produce an offspring in May.

I think, barring finding actual life on Mars, that's about all the exciting news we expect around here for this week. Stay tuned, though. You never know.

(Last week, as a herald of spring, a Mr. Softee truck started playing its creepy melody outside our window at 11:15 PM. I went outside to watch what I assumed was the inevitable drug deal, but unless it was incredibly subtle, all I saw was a passerby getting an actual swirly softserve)


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